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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s Art

April 11, 2019
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. At The Woods on French Creek Care and Rehabilitation, in Avon, residents regularly work with the recreational therapy department to express themselves through pictures and creative arts. On April 8, 2019, the residents took part in National Draw a Bird Day to express feelings of hope and joy— the very feelings that founded this fun “holiday” nearly 100 years ago.

The story of National Draw a Bird Day comes from England, where a young girl named Dorie was visiting her wounded uncle in a hospital after he was injured in World War II. According to www.dabday.com, a website that chronicles the history of National Draw a Bird Day, Dorie asked her uncle to draw a bird for her in an attempt to distract him from his ailments and lift his spirits.

Her request was met with smiles from the soldiers and their caregivers, and soon the entire hospital was drawing birds for Dorie. Tragically, the girl was struck by a car and died just three years later, but her legacy lived on through the soldiers and hospital workers who would draw birds and smile, thinking of Dorie.

Today, thousands of people still draw birds every year on April 8; some do it for fun, others do it to distract them from worry or pain. The residents at French Creek drew birds for a variety of reasons, and the benefits were many. The recreational therapists at French Creek know that art can have a positive effect on senior health.

According to Today’s Geriatric Medicine expressive art activities offer a wide range of benefits, including:
  • helping individuals relax;
  • providing a sense of control;
  • reducing depression and anxiety;
  • assisting in socialization;
  • encouraging playfulness and a sense of humor;
  • improving cognition;
  • offering sensory stimulation;
  • fostering a stronger sense of identity;
  • increasing self-esteem;
  • nurturing spirituality; and
  • reducing boredom.
The residents and recreational therapists at French Creek are often getting creative to ensure our residents’ lives are not only clinically managed, but also socially and emotionally improved. To learn more about the activities happening daily at French Creek, stop by or call 440-695-1400 to schedule a tour.

And, don’t forget to draw a bird and smile! Enjoy these photos of our residents drawing their birds, and share yours with us on our Facebook page.

The Woods on French Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center and its parent company, Foundations Health Solutions, strive to be a "Culture of Care" - in every aspect of what we do. Whether physical health and rehabilitation or nurturing relationships and community, we aim to cultivate strong and healthy lives. Founded by Brian Colleran, Foundations Health Solutions is Ohio’s premier long-term care company. Formerly doing business as Provider Services, our team of experts has more than 15 years of experience successfully supporting over 100 multifaceted long-term care facilities.

With strong Christian values and heritage, Foundations Health Solutions is committed to serving our communities with the highest level of clinical excellence and resident satisfaction, along with a strong employee culture which places priority and resources on the direct caregiving team.

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