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During the limited time of my stay for post-surgery services, I feel I received competent, professional occupational therapy and physical therapy. I believe the therapy staff was attentive and professional toward me. Likewise, I believe the staff at The Woods on French Creek was attentive and caring for my needs during my stay.


My stay at The Woods at French Creek was 84 days. The staff from office, to nurses, STNA's, therapists, and housekeeping were always with a smile on their faces, always pleased to help in any way they could...I do recommend The Woods as a good place to recuperate.


I liked my room. It was spacious and kept clean. Lots of sunlight came in the window and made it cheerful. The food was good and there was variety to the meals. Physical therapy was good for me. I was walking well by the end of the week. The staff was overall very good, kind, and courteous...I was helped in a professional manner.


My stay here was pleasant because of the staff. Good people - all smiles and good manners.


Staff was very nice and professional. Made new friends and will return to visit. If services are ever needed in the future I will return if available.


On Christmas Day I fell and broke my ankle and was taken to Cleveland Clinic at Avon Hospital. After six days I went to Woods at French Creek. I started working with people slow at first. When things were going good my outlook changed and I started working harder.


Overall it was a positive experience. This was our family's first time working with a nursing home and we were pleasantly surprised at the level of care Lewis received while here for rehabilitation. The staff was very kind and quite patient with our grumpy gus and he wanted to extend special thanks to Markida and Robin, both provided special one-on-one care that really made a difference in Lewis' healing process. We are excited to bring him home, and though we hope we don't see you again for treatment, it is a comfort to know this wonderful place is available.


I'm very satisfied with my therapy. I received from Brendine and Jes. Brendine really brought out the best in me - I feel great. Thank you to both of you in the great therapy department.


Friendly, helpful staff. Not afraid to encourage Mark to move forward in his physical endeavors. They met his needs. Clean facility.


My father has been here since the facility opened. The facility has been very kind, I know he can be a handful and I am very thankful. They take good care of him. The Woods on French Creek is always clean and people are very friendly.


I will miss the people here at French Creek. I believe they went above and beyond to try to help me. Now that I'm leaving I'm using the stairs and pick up my feet. They aides always had a smile on their face and ready to serve.


I had a very enjoyable stay at French Creek, especially the administrative staff.


My mother was actually happy and enjoyed her stay. She thrived here and improved greatly. The staff was pleasant and easy to work with. This is one of many rehabs she has been in and the first we recommend.


Very good. Many thanks to everyone.


Thanks to ALL at The Woods I think of but most of all the girls. They were very courteous and really cared. Only the staff and workers get me through this.
Again many thanks and I will be sure to come see the girls!
Also, thanks to the therapy. All were very courteous and really helped my knee.


After back surgery, and experiencing a stint in ICU I cam here without knowing anything. I was confused and dazed, weak.
With all the help from everyone, I am going home tomorrow. I will need some help at home but not for long.
The nurses, STNAs, housekeeping, social services, therapy, just all of you, I thank you. I have enjoyed being here, and I will be telling everyone about this excellent facility!
You have a gem here, and it's located in the perfect place!"


All the staff, nurses, STNAs, physical therapy and housekeeping ALL do a superior job. The entire staff was concerned about me!


Very good first impression, all of the staff were knowledgeable and would go out of their way to make you comfortable! It was very easy to get to know all the residents & especially the people with similar issues and treatment.


I loved it here, I had. wonderful care. Everyone was very nice. All of the ones that I came in contact with. It is kept very clean. The food is kept very clean. The flowers out front are beautiful.


I don't think that I can say enough about the staff at The Woods at French Creek. They all go above and beyond two make the residents comfortable and happy I don't think the courtesy stops. The excellence goes from the housekeeping, maintenance, food service, therapy, nursing, every service there is. Thank you!


Everything was outstanding.


This is my 2nd stay at this facility I was professionally cared for plus a generous helping of love. Nurses are warm and caring and very attentive. While I am ill, there is no where I'd rather be.


My stay here of 4 weeks was my third in a year... The nurses and STNAs were always pleasant and helpful. Food had improved. Especially the therapy group helped me to walk some distance, first time in almost a year. Each person treated like an individual, not a group.


Everyone we met was totally awesome! Everyday!! Tom was very sick when we got discharged from the hospital and everyone that took care of him did so with such a caring and attentive attitude that reflected in their passion for their residents - not just a job! I knew that Tom would get excellent care and my fears and worries for him would not be an issue. We thank God every day for everyone here at The Woods on French Creek'!

Tom and Ruby

The staff is friendly and helpful. I enjoy my stay and therapy. I would recommend The Woods at French Creek to all my friends.


My experience was a very good one, the staff were all very helpful and kind they were very patient with me. They reassured me that I was doing well and gave me a lot of support. I never had to wait long after I pressed my light on. I enjoyed my stay and would come back if needed which I hope I never do have to.


The staff has treated me with kindness. Food services is excellent; if you ask for something from the kitchen someone will get it for you. Staff … always has time to talk to you.


Everyone was caring from the nurse aide to the occupational therapist to the nurses to the cleaning people, just everyone I came into contact with.


I like the friendliness, thoughtfulness and caring of the staff. They go out of their way to make sure you were doing well. My husband had been in 3 nursing homes last year before he passed away. The Woods on French Creek is so far superior to any of them. Everyone helps you, whether it is his or her job to do it. They all work together. As in every business, there are those people who really excel! Told Marquese she should be cloned! PT and OT were enjoyable … and effective. Thanks for rehabbing me!


I had a great time here...Food was good...The physical therapy team was excellent. Well educated and lots of fun. And lastly the medical team - well rounded and knew their stuff.
Be sure, if I ever need rehab again, it's here I will come.


Thanks to the staff I'm able to leave. My thanks to the staff!!


Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Coffee here is great! Robin is excellent! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Food is very good, nutritious, and filling. Room is spacious and clean. Enjoyed visits. nurses and STNA's are fantastic. Complaints about anything. Thank you for excellent care!!

Neil and Cheryl

Altogether excellent. I would recommend to anyone. Loved the care I got. Everyone was so nice.


Love coming here! Clean and peaceful! Very good care and the girls treated me good. Fourth time I have had care here. Will come again!!
Therapy was very good. Treated my knee with good care!

Emily Y. 

Everyone here did a great job caring for me and I am very appreciative. My therapists were excellent and I had a good stay. All of the nurses always helped me and treated me well.


My experience at The Woods has been the most memorable ever. I was so impressed with the professionals that took care of my needs. The physical therapist and the occupational therapist were so helpful to get me moving again. I can't say enough about your nursing staff. Caring and helping with anything. They were all terrific! I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the facility. I will recommend The Woods to everyone and come back if needed.


Although all of the staff were courteous and professional, I want to mention Markida, RN. She always goes above and beyond for patients. She demonstrates the utmost professionalism and compassion. Markida is always cheerful and lifted my spirits on many occasions when I was feeling down. Nursing is truly her calling.


People and staff are excellent. Always friendly...These people went above and beyond to help those in need of assistance. I would rate the entire PT dept 1000%. Very caring and did a super job. I can't say enough about how wonderful they are!


I could not be happier with my stay at The Woods on French Creek. Everyone from the Nurses, The Aides, The Food Servers and The Room Cleaners were fantastic and very pleasant. The therapy people were the best and you should be proud of your team. I would recommend this facility to anyone.

Special recognition and Thanks should be given to Brennon, Jes and Robert in Therapy!


Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, was very pleasant and good at their jobs! I learned about The Woods on French Creek from the Cleveland Clinic Hospital. I give therapy a Excellent +++ rating! I could not be happier with my stay at The Woods. Everyone from the nurses, the aides, the food servers and the room cleaners were fantastic and very pleasant. The therapy people were the best and you should be proud of the team. I would recommend this facility to anyone!

David P.

I am very thankful for every single one of you. You endure so much. Thank you for your patience, sacrifice and compassion, God Bless.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You are true heroes. You make such a big difference in the world and it's a better place because you're in it.

I could be here forever writing about how amazing everyone here rocks. However, I am ready to go home! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. You are appreciated more than you will ever know.


I really did appreciate your therapy. It was very good, really. I am very thankful for everyone there.

Samria R.

My experience at French Creek have been very enjoyable for me and my family. All of the help here are very caring and helpful. Some of you are very special, you know who you are! So thankful for all the special care. Your girls are fantastic! Don't want to come back, but if I needed to I would. Thank you so much for a great facility. Your caring patient,

Carol F.

I was here for about five weeks. Everything was good in all areas from Nursing to Therapy, and all in between. All the people are friendly in welcoming me. If I am a patient of the Cleveland Clinic or ever need to come back, I would return with no doubt. I would also recommend you to anyone I know that is in the area.


I had a very good experience in therapy at The Woods. They were very patient and thoughtful getting me back on my feet. I got back in my shoes and could walk out.. wow! I appreciate their help and encouragement. I had a personal room just every day. Thanks for the blanket to remember you by.

Judy S.

Everything here was great. The staff was nice, the service was great and the therapy team was extra great. I would recommend a stay here to anyone.


My experience at The Woods on French Creek was very pleasurable - everyone is so caring and special. All special people. I love everybody and I will miss them. So kind and caring! Love,

Pat B.

I have no complaints about my stay here at The Woods on French Creek. On the contrary, I'm happy and grateful for all of the care given to me, including nurses checking my vitals (blood pressure, glucose levels, etc), administering my diabetes medicine, cleansing my wounds, etc. I have appreciated the physical therapy. I have enjoyed the food, and, in general, the way I have been treated. Your center has helped me recover a lot. Thanks for everything.


Well, I love this place. First of all, the staff are all wonderful. I have nothing but good things to say about them. The food is tremendous and I mean it, I wouldn't make this up. When I was here the first time for rehab, I loved it so much. When I returned home, I told my kids if I ever needed to go somewhere long-term, it would be this place or nowhere. When I returned here permanently, a year later, it was the same familiar faces. No other place compares to here. My room is beautiful and I have fixed it up like my home. I would never go anywhere else. Everything here is tremendous and I plan to stay. I thank everyone for getting me here and making this my forever home.

Joan M.

It is my second time here. I was here about a year and a half ago. The therapy department is great. All the staff here are great. I actually want to compliment the housekeeping staff. Everyone that has come to visit me always comments about how clean it is here. The food is great, presented and prepared well. I never had to use a knife once on any of my meats because they were so tender. I have one more knee surgery to go and will be returning here post procedure!


I don't know where to begin. I have nothing but good things to say. From admission, I received nothing but respect and thoughtfulness. Thank you to all of the staff at The Woods. The therapists who helped me to improve my walking and the nurses and aides who were all so caring, all working together like a family. God bless you.

Katherine B.

My stay here was so great that I am going home to pack up my apartment so that I can move in here permanently. The aides were great. The food was great. My room was very comfortable. Even management was helpful when I got here. Everyone here is so nice and friendly. I went to therapy every day, therapy even told me I deserved a gold star. I will be back as soon as January or February once I get my apartment all cleaned out.

Ruth H.

My stay here was perfect. Overall, everything was great. The food was delicious. Everyone was wonderful, from the cleaners to the aides and the nurses. I would and already have recommended this place to everyone.

Donald G.

My stay here was great. Everyone is so helpful and nice. The food was good. I sometimes have trouble swallowing and everything was prepared for my needs. If I have to come back, I will. I would recommend this place.

Joyce B.

The Woods on French Creek has a saying hanging on the wall close to the main entrance. The first line says “It’s not the role, it’s the goal”. That one line embodies our entire experience at The Woods. The entire staff – Food Services, Nursing, Aides, Housekeeping, Administration, etc. – was always caring, compassionate, friendly, and willing to meet the needs and requests of the resident and family, regardless of their “role.” The environment is pleasant, clean and the food is good. Another aspect that made The Woods stand above the first facility was how responsive the staff is, always in a timely manner. No waiting for 20-30 minutes after activating the call button. The Woods is very much an asset to our community.

Robert W.

As time changes, I will move on knowing that The Woods was the best facility from every department in-house providing a positive experience. Thanks for being there for Carol.

John P.

Overall, I had a very, very good stay here. There are some outstanding people that work here. I can't say more than enough good things about Tania, the nurse on this unit, she is a great individual. The therapy staff is also excellent. They really know what they're doing and they put you through the right workout to get you back up and going.

Thomas D.

My stay here at The Woods on French Creek was fantastic. The staff is fantastic and extremely caring. One staff member who stands out to me was my aide this week, Crystal. She always has a positive attitude, she's a sweetheart and nothing can rock her boat. She's definitely a star. Along with Crystal, the rest of the staff stand out as well. The therapy team, Steve, Brenden and Mary, they're amazing. I'm also very appreciative of Jamie, who recommended French Creek and helped coordinate getting me here. It's always good to know someone and have someone reliable who you can trust when life throws things at you. The food here is very good, I have not had one single bad meal during my stay. The facility is very clean. In general, everyone here is good. Even the residents are friendly. As a retired nurse, I noticed the family like relationships between the staff and the residents. You can tell that everyone here considers each other as family. Although I'm no spring chicken, I wanted to be as independent as possible and the staff let me do just that. I felt safe here, when I asked for help, I got it. I did not have one bad interaction during my stay here and if I ever needed to come back, I definitely would.

Kathleen M.

We have been very happy here. Therapy was excellent. The staff here is excellent, he is better than he was even before his incident. Tania was our favorite, she was extremely friendly from the minute Don was admitted here and we got the phone call that he had arrived. But, she just adds to the rest of the fantastic team. Everything was wonderful and it is good to know that we will have French Creek if needed

The Mosher's

The Woods on French Creek made a difficult experience much easier to deal with. The staff has been simply wonderful. They are caring and compassionate and always friendly. The therapy staff had me work hard and taught me skills that I could take with me- Thank you! Special thanks to the young men in the dining room- they brought everything and took care of every request with a smile and NO complaints! Marchese was especially kind- I've never met anyone who cares more for people more than her. I will highly recommend you every chance I get. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Anna M.

I enjoyed my stay here at French Creek. My therapy was great, I enjoyed the meals and the staff is amazing. Tania is the best nurse ever, she's seriously very awesome.

Lori A.

Everything was good. The food especially. I really really liked the food. Everyone here gets along great, even I got along with everyone. Therapy was good and they did so many exercises with me to help me get better.

Pauline H.

I like it here a lot. The people are great and the food is darn good. I love my girls, Crystal, Meghan, Tania, all of them actually. I haven't run into a single person that I haven't liked. My family is always welcome here at any time. In fact, when my grandchildren came to visit, they placed us in a beautiful private dining room to enjoy our time together. It's very clean here, very very clean. All of my visitors compliment how good it always smells through the hallways and in my room. This is going to be my forever home and I am very happy here.

Barb W.

My stay here was excellent. I am very pleased with the service I have received here including therapy. Every single person here was very much interested in helping me get better so that I could go back home. All of the aides were great. I have zero complaints whatsoever.

Robert B.